Seasonal Fresh Truffles

Seasonal Fresh Truffles

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Seattle Caviar sources a remarkable selection of fresh Truffles.

Perigord Winter Black Truffles (Tuber melanosporum) – CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
Available: December-February | Origin: France and Spain

Italian White Truffles (Tuber magnatum pico)
Available: November-December  |  Origin: Italy

*Fresh Burgundy Truffles (Tuber uncinatum)
“The fall truffle announcing the start of the season to come.”
Available: September-December  | Origin: France

*Summer Truffles (Tuber aestivum)
Available: April-August | Origin: France and Italy


Fresh truffles may be kept in an air-tight container in the refrigerator for up to a week. Keep them as dry as possible by wrapping each truffle in a paper towel. Replace the paper towel with a completely dry one each day.

*Fall and summer truffles present beautifully as a garnish, but are far more delicate in flavor and scent compared to their winter cousins. When cooking with fall or summer truffles, we suggest either doubling the amount you would normally use, or enhance their flavor with a touch of truffle salt, butter or oil.




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